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  • About Shorin Ryu

    KARATE, the weaponless techniques of fighting and self-defense had its early beginnings in Okinawa. Okinawa being the main land of the Ryuku Islands chain, stretching from Japan to Taiwan, (about 300 miles from mainland Japan). There is evidence of Karate recorded in Okinawan history dating back more than 1000 years. However, the ancient history of Karate in different locations such as Naha, Tomari and Shuri later led to the different styles. Our style of Karate, Shima Ha Shorin Ryu, was developed from the ancient Tomari-Te and Shuri-Te. Goju-Ryu evolved from what was known as Naha-Te, the founder being Chojin Miyagi. Some of the great masters to be noted, who were the founders of Shuri-Te ....

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  • Black Belt Achievers

    NAME -PROMOTED BLACK BELT - KARATE RANK /KOBUDO RANK Candice Offuit 03/19/94Shodan Kyle Ramdeen 09/24/94Shodan Sean Fraser 09/24/94Shodan Rosemary Garcia 08/29/95 Shodan Kieron Ramdeen 09/10/95Shodan-Ho Jermain Thompson 09/10/95 Shodan-Ho Leorman Campbell 09/10/95 Shodan Robert Blake 12/9/95 Go Dan Norris Knight 03/2/96 Ni Dan Ruben Lozada 09/14/96 Ni Dan Shawn Lewis 12/14/96 Shodan-Ho Larry Blau 06/26/98 Yon Dan Kelroy Harris 09/26/98 Shodan-Ho Elizabeth Irish 10/3/98 Shodan Richard Mitchell 12/12/98 Shodan-Ho Calixto Herrera III 11/14/00 Shodan-Ho Jariel Felton 12/1/00 Ni Dan / Shodan-Ho Derrick Reid 10/19/2001 Go Dan / Nidan Gilbert Lugo 10/19/2001 Ni Dan Jamie ....

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  • Yamanni Ryu Kobudo

    Yamanni-ryu (also Yamanni-Chinen-ryu and Yamane Ryu) is a form of Okinawan kobudo whose main weapon is the bo, a non-tapered, cylindrical staff. The smaller buki, such as sai, tunfa (or tonfa), nunchaku, and kama (weapon) are studied as secondary weapons.
    Tradition maintains that Sakugawa SATUNUSHI, entrusted with the protection of prominent Ryukyu families, had studied the art in China. Later he lived in Akata village in Shuri, Okinawa. Sakugawa developed the style in the late 1700s. He passed it on to the Chinen family, beginning with Chinen Umikana. Sanda Chinen (1842-1925), also known as Yamani USUMEI and Yamane TANMEI, introduced the "bouncing" motion of the staff which is the ....

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